Top 3 treks for 2017


Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.

Richard M. Nixon

We have not reached the deepest valley this year, nor we’ve climbed the highest mountain but we did our best with these three extremely beautiful mountain treks.

Laguna Torre trek, Argentina

With a height of 3133 meters Patagonia’s legendary Cerro Torre is one of the most beautiful and difficult mountains in the world. Two mountain lovers and hikers, like us, cannot climb to the top, however trekking to the glacier lake at the footsteps of Cerro Torre is a pleasant one day hike.

The 9 kilometres well-marked trail starts from the centre of El Chalten; signpost on every kilometre show the remaining distance to the glacial lake. The trail itself is very easy – it is mostly flat while gently ascends. Three steeper sections take not more 10 minutes to climb each. You will be rewarded by exceptional views of Cerro Torre all the way to the lake … during sunny days. As the Patagonian weather is very dynamic, you’ll have better chances for good weather in the morning, so start you trek as early as possible – bad weather develops usually in the afternoon.

Adolf Munkel Trail, Italy

We had our honeymoon trip in Italy back then; for our 10th anniversary this summer we went to Villnöß / Val di Funes in the Dolomiti mountains. Just by change our accommodation in St. Maddalena was in the same valley as the famous Adolf Munkel trail.

This circular 13km trail with easy-to-moderate climbs goes beneath the majestic Odle/Geisler mountain group. Usually it takes half a day to walk the trail; however the breathtaking panoramic views make you stop more often than expected.

7 Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

Mountains in Bulgaria may not be that famous as the Dolomiti or the Andes but Rila, for us, is one of the most beautiful mountains.

We trekked the 7 Rila lakes this summer together with our 6-years kids. The trek is quite easy but you will find experienced mountaineers and day hikers returning to this area over and over again.It was also very important to us to show our children the beauty of the mountains and to light their trekking fires 🙂

We have great plans for 2018!

Let’s see how deep we’ll go in the valleys and which mountains we will climb to the top!