Pura Vida Adventures


With a territory just half of Bulgaria, Costa Rica is this place on Earth, we truly enjoyed unforgettable sights, bold adventures, amazing beaches and a plenty of wildlife. To summarize our two weeks in Costa Rica in three words – colorful, adventurous, and full of life.

We can also do it in two words – PURA VIDA (Pure Life) – Costa Rica’s mantra, motto, way of life!

Zipline above Monteverde cloud forest

Doing all the ziplines takes half a day and much more adrenaline. Imagine flying 150+ meters above the cloud forest with 80 km/h! The harmony comes back after a horse ride to the nearby hot springs, where there’s only you, the horses, the natural hot pool and the forest.

Explore Nikoya peninsula beaches

Getting from one beach to another by car requires driving on top of cliffs coastline and crossing deep water rivers. After this off-road trip we know how to fort rivers – preferably, wait for a local to cross it first or plan B: search for the shallowest route on bare foots and hope not to be pulled out of the water by the nearby tractor.

Caution: Swimming at the Pacific ocean beach in Costa Rica is dangerous!

Pale-face monkeys in Manuel Antonio national park

The search for wild animals made us feel like real explorers…with some true challenges as raccoons stealing our banquette lunch and finding monkey mites on our bodies after.

Nice to meet you – Drake bay

We are still not certain what we liked the most here – swimming among dolphins and whales or getting there by boat ride in a river full of alligators, while surfing the waves from the ocean.

Whitewater rafting at rio Pacuare

The best family/relationship team building we’ve ever had! Rapids class 3 to 5, no beginners’ route … and in the same time so much beauty to enjoy around. Just like in the real life, isn’t it?

Surviving the Gallo Pinto

Surviving two weeks with the inevitable gallo pinto is a culinary adventure by itself 🙂 Rice and red beans – for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Still not convinced?
You can enjoy surf, yoga, trekking the Arenal volcano, exploring Corcovado National Park and the Caribbean coast, harvesting coffee and a lot more activities in this amazing country!