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What could go wrong when you are on vacation?

November 9, 2017

What could go wrong when you are on vacation? Well, quite a lot of things... For example, 💦 sweating your return flight tickets to a state when it’s hard to read the names printed, 📅 booking a domestic flight for JuNe instead of JuLy, or 🐺 being bitten by a dog in an area with high risk of rabies… Now, imagine that all these things happen in a two weeks vacation 11000+ kilometers from home. Your vacation will be ruined or… it will turn into an adventure. Besides the fact that traveling develops you to better handle unexpected situations and greatly improves your communication skills: 1. This adventure thought us to take better care of the travel documents and to have electronic copies; 2. I am much better in distinguishing June and July – unfortunately, not traveling during these confusing months is not an option; 3. We learned (and still learning) to rely on each other in critical situations; besides we know what “caja tecnopor” and “perro” means in Spanish :) What did go wrong on your vacation?