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Getting most of eight days in … a galaxy far away

8 days are absolutely not enough for Japan πŸ™

Day 1 – arrival in Tokyo, walk in the Imperial Palace East Gardens, short nap, manga and video games in Akihabara, and finally a sushi dinner in an ordinary sishi-go-round place.

Day 2 – an early morning attempt to see sumo warriors training, Sensoji temple, 40Β° water in a local onsen, stroll along the Ebisu channel (no sakura yet), ramen for lunch, Shibuya crossing, Harajuku freak show,

Day 3 – Tsukiji Market, single act performance at Kabuki-za, Rappongi hills, lunch at Gonpachi (Kill Bill restaurant scene), Cat house in Ikebukuro, Ueno park and Yanaka Cemetery

Day 4 – shinkansen to Nagoya and local train to Takayama, walk along the old-fashioned two story houses in Takayama

Day 5 – morning walk to see the local temples, trains to rainy Kyoto, Mayko dance and tea ceremony at Gyon corner, dinner at … a pizza place πŸ™‚

Day 6 – morning walk to Arashiama bamboo forest, train to Nara, traverse far and wide the Nara park, first sakura :), train to Fushimi-ku temple, sushi dinner!

Day 7 – the sun is back! morning visit to Kinkaku-ji and Ryōan-ji, …-ji, Omen for lunch, the path of philosophy, early dinner

Day 8 – let’s go biking! Nishiki market, biking along the Kamo river, Kyoto Imperial palace gardens, and SAKURA – yes!, south Higashiyama, packing the luggage πŸ™